Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Horse Illustrated Profile - I am FAMOUS!

I was featured in the June 2009 Horse Illustrated HI Profile section. Yes, your friend STB Eventer is FAMOUS! LOL! I filled out the information back in the summer of 2008 and sort of forgot about it. I received an email a couple of week ago congratulating me on being chosen! I even won an Absorbine Stall Disinfectant Kit, which is a $50 value! And Absorbine sent me a shirt too! :)

I thought I would keep it a secret from everyone until the issue came out. I was able to purchase it today. Here is the full page...

And here is the close-up....

I hope you can read it! Go out and buy your own copy today! Maybe I will even sign it for you.......ROFLMAO! ;-)


  1. YAY!!!!! Hooray for you and Dreamy! Yay STBs!

  2. That is FANTASTIC!!!! I think it is very cool! If I see one I am totally going to buy it and make you sign it when I meet you :P

  3. Good for you at least they got your's right. hee hee.

    Sounds like you have been and will be much busier than us. I amso glad you are doing well. Love all the rear end action in the picture LOL

  4. I got a phone call last night (5-20-09) from a good friend in Calif, telling me ALL about this lady in Maine LOL for sure.

    I had sent this friend pictures of that lady from Maine up on the big guy doing the Dressage Test at the National in 2008. He "got it" then. We had a great laugh and he told me to tell you he enjoyed the heck out of the piece in HI and told a few of his friends out there about the little Standardbred mare that CAN!!!!


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