Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Horse Trailer

So, here is my trusty horse trailer.

But I decided to buy a new one.....whaddya think???? :D


Live2Ride said...

Can I move into it?? lol

STB Eventer said...

Sure! LOL! That was exactly what I was thinking the entire time I was looking at the pics and video....."OMG this is nicer than my house AND my barn!"

OnTheBit said... that I would not mind driving around! I can drive a bus! Can you imagine showing up to a show in that thing...everyone would know you were a high roller!

Now That's A Trot! said...

I think you need to adopt me!

moonowl said...

Sorry, it's already filled up by the 3 other folks who got the e mail announcing this beauty. LOL/
Boy, our horses are living LARGE and just think we don't even have to buy dishes.]
and ya know what it's worth MORE than yours and mine together. hee hee

STB Eventer said...

LOL! Can you IMAGINE if I could actually buy that??? :D I I were that rich I would adopt you Erin! LOL!!!!!!!