Saturday, November 7, 2009

USDF Connection

Dreamy and I were featured in the "Tail End" section of the July 2009 edition of the USDF Connection! I am very proud of us both of course! I have received many nice compliments on the article, even from judges who recognize us! Click on the article and it will get large enough to read.


  1. Great article.

    Yes, people are amazed that Standies can (DO!) have great gaits. All that trotting is good for something, people!

    Have you read _Crazy Good_ yet? It's about Dan Patch, and a dang good read for horse people and true-history readers and most especially for lovers of Standardbreds!

  2. My favorite part of the USDF Connection is the tail end. I FREAKED OUT when I saw you and Dreamy in it! You are famous in my eyes now!


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