Monday, June 6, 2011

Reva's Second Show! Hollis Benefit - May 22, 2011

Whew!  Funny how fast blogging time goes out the window when life is busy!  Sorry for the hiatus, dear readers!

Reva was a star at her second show of the year.  We went to a benefit show at the Hollis Equestrian Park, put on by the Maine Horse Association for the benefit of the park!  

We did four in-hand classes and three riding classes.  Reva was very good and I was pleased with her attitude.  She is super sensible and very easy!  She did come off the trailer a little more "up" than I wanted, but a quick walk around the grounds proved to be enough to settle her down.  Once we began showing in-hand, she was totally fine.  I think it works out well to do the in hand classes with her, just to get her in the ring before I actually ride.  I am not a huge fan of in hand, but whatever works!  :-)

1st Standardbred In Hand
1st Hunter Type Horse In Hand
1st Trail
1st Adult WT Equitation
2nd Adult WT Pleasure
3rd English Horse In Hand
3rd Adult Showmanship  

Katie, a fellow STB friend, came along in the morning to take photos of us.  She is a wonderful photographer.  I am lucky to have such talented friends!  :-)

And there was a show photographer as well.....we are number 214 on her site!


  1. Wow - way to go Reva! You guys did well for your second show. Those pictures are great - how nice of your friend to take such great shots.

    I've been reading your blog for the past year or so and have fallen in love with your standardbreds... I had been contemplating looking for one to buy as my next horse - and one has come to me!

    My barn owner used to race and train them and she has a 7yr old gelding that I'm going to be riding for the summer. If he and I get along ok, he'll be mine!

    I'm pretty excited!

  2. Wow, that is super exciting Laura! Good for you! :-) Now I will have to definitely find time to check out your blog! (I wish I had more time to read....I barely have time to update my own! LOL!)


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